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You can now get your hands on the TestLink S2 Cassette Tester... A must-have if you handle NCR S2 cash cassettes!

You need your ATMs operating at optimum levels of uptime, so when an ATM becomes faulty what do you do?

TestLink Services Limited has launched its new Parts website backed up with one of the largest inventories of quality ATM Parts, ready to ship worldwide, instantly. TestLink helps hundreds of customers from around the world to source their NCR, Wincor and Diebold parts.  

TestLink are pleased to announce the acquisition of the ATM Product and Service solution provider Airis ATM Technologies based in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

One of the most critical and costly components of an ATM is the monitor. With an average service-life of around 12,500 hours, most CRT monitors can last for years with average home use. 

We regularly have customers ask for advice on diagnosing issues with their ATMs. For many ATMs this can involve some very complex software, and require an engineer to be on site to analyse the results from the diagnostics tests.

Acquisition extends leadership position in ATM Parts and Solutions Industry and expands on its ability to provide innovative ATM solutions to its customers worldwide

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As a business that repairs and remanufacturers ATM parts, we get to see a lot of defective inventory. Sometimes parts are worn out through overuse and lack of maintenance. Sometimes parts are defective because something unusual happened to them. Sometimes however we see parts wearing out because of issues around build quality.

TestLink place a new set of Diebold exploded diagrams and product images on their ATM Parts Finder Website to complement their extended Diebold part sales and repair operations in Europe and North America.


ATMs are essential financial tools that require regular maintenance to ensure their smooth operation and longevity. By implementing proactive measures, ATM owners can extend the lifespan of critical components such as cash dispensers, card readers, and pin pads. In this blog post, we will share valuable tips and techniques to help you maximize the lifespan of your ATM parts, minimize downtime, and optimize your investment.