Card skimming is one of the most prevalent forms of ATM fraud, responsible in Europe alone for nearly 92% of all ATM related crime. To help banks and IADs protect their customers, TestLink is able to offer the sale and installation of PINGuard, a leading anti-distraction and ‘shoulder surfing’ device - designed in the UK and sold worldwide.

The PINGuard™ is a cost effective solution for preventing card fraud. Using its high quality transparent polycarbonate shield, the PINGuard protects against camera and ‘shoulder surfing’  attacks by blocking the line of sight, so that only the user can see the pin code entered on the ATM.

Thanks to its straightforward setup (the PINGuard takes just a few minutes to install, and requires no modification of the ATM), high durability and cost-effectiveness, the PINGuard has already been installed on thousands of ATMs worldwide, virtually eliminating any skimming attacks requiring a line of sight.