ATM Machine Sales

ATM service companies can achieve savings of up to 70% off the OEM’s price by choosing to invest in one of TestLink’s remanufactured terminals. This is especially worthwhile when new technologies such as Intelligent Depository are not required.

In addition to the considerable financial savings available, our remanufactured ATMs are also fitted with numerous upgrades to improve their performance and provide increased reliability and functionality for end users.

As well as refurbishing and remanufacturing the ATM, we are also able to respray and rebrand your ATMs depending on your requirements

Remanufactured And Refurbished ATMs

Our comprehensive remanufacturing process is far more than a simple repair. The first stage involves TestLink’s skilled engineers stripping and cleaning every module from our used ATMs, making sure they are free of dirt and other unwanted materials.

This is then followed by an extensive rebuild of the machine, ensuring every part is in full working order and, when a defective component is found, TestLink engineers will replace them with higher quality versions using our impressive parts library.

In addition, preventative maintenance is also conducted which helps to further extend the life of your ATM machine. This involves removing parts which are known to be prone to failure and, instead, integrating premium quality components that are for more durable.

Furthermore, TestLink delivers our finished ATMs with the necessary equipment for your machine to be deployed in an immediately serviceable condition including: software loads, cables, bolts, collar kits and more.

Upgraded ATM machines for sale

After the team have undergone the extensive refurbishment processes on your machine, most ATMs are installed with substantial upgrades to improve software performance as well as ensure the smooth and consistent operation of mechanical parts.

These upgrades not only reduce the likelihood of future faults from occurring, but also improve the experience for end users by accurately dispensing cash notes in a time efficient manner.

Installation and Commissioning

Planning, installation and commissioning are also available as part of a separate, overall managed service.

Utilising our experienced project managers allows you to reduce the timescales associated with ATM deployment as well as to continuously drive down the costs of your projects. Project Managers can provide a variety of optional services including CAD drawings, building surveys and more.

Our fully trained team of engineers are able to refurbish and remanufacture even the latest NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs

Refurbishment of NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs

TestLink specialises in the refurbishment and remanufacture of NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATM machines which, together, comprise over 75% of the worldwide ATM market.

As a result, TestLink is able to provide the vast majority of ATM services companies across the world with professionally refurbished terminals. Furthermore, as an independent company, we are able to offer complete support for all OEM’s without compromise.



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