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APTRA - ATM operating software

ARIA - Latest pick module with belts instead of rollers to transport notes to the presenter

ATM - Automated Teller Machine, also known as a cash point, cash machine, hole in the wall machine

ATMdesk - A standalone quick booting diagnostic tool for NCR ATMs giving full access to error codes. TestLink is an approved supplier for this software

ATMIA - ATM Industry Association


Ballasts - Power supplies for fluorescent tubes

BART - Beeper Amplifier Reset and Tamper PCB used in Pivot cores

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) - Instruction set programmed in chip on motherboard (with battery backup). Options such as system time and date can be changed here

Black Dot/Mark - Method used by the receipt printer to calibrate cutting of receipts

BNA (Bunched Note Acceptor) - Depository that accepts many varied notes without an envelope


CAFU - A PCB in a PELE core which gives access to the parallel and serial ports 3 and 4

Card Reader - The module that reads the details from the customer's card

CASS - Short for cassette

Cassette - Storage container for cash notes to be dispensed

Cassette Locking Bar - A security device designed to safeguard cash cassettes in an ATM

Cencon -  A type of electronic safe lock, also known as Mass Hamilton

CIT - Cash in Transit

CMOS - Basic Input/Output System. Instruction set programmed in chip on motherboard (with battery backup). Options such as system time and date can be changed here

Collar Kit - Set of plastics that surround a TTW ATM and seal it to the wall

Configuration - The arrangement of how items of ATM hardware or software are built

CPM (Cheque Processing Module) - Depository that accepts and reads cheques

CPK+ - Card Protection Kit, an anti-skimming security device

CROPF (Card return on power fail) - Battery/PCB which returns the card to the customer if the ATM loses power

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) - A now obsolete glass tube style monitor - superseded by LCD


Decals - Printed stickers that show the types of card accepted and which way to insert them

DES - Standard for encryption

Dial Up - Method of communication with host, using public telephone lines

Depository - Module that accepts cash and cheques in an envelope

Depository Bin - Storage container for customer deposits

Dispenser - Module that picks cash notes from the cassette and presents them to the customer

Dispenser Control Board - Main controller for the operation of the cash dispenser module

Dispenser Sensors - Devices that monitor the passage of cash notes through the dispenser


Easy Point - Family of NCR ATMs - small freestanding convenience models

Electronic Journal - Transactions are saved to the ATM's hard drive

Encryption - Method of scrambling customers' details to prevent fraud

Enhanced - Next generation of dispenser after I.E

EOP (Enhanced Operator Panel) - LCD display and keyboard used by the operator/engineer to input

EPP (Encrypting Pin Pad) - Customer keyboard that also houses the encryptor


F/A (Front Access) Lobby ATM which is serviced from the front

Fascia - The plastic moulded front of the ATM that faces the customer

FDK (Function Display Key) - The variable function keys down either side of the monitor

FLM (First Line Maintenance) - Removing jams and fitting paper rolls with no tools


GOP (Graphical Operator Panel) Touch screen for operator, used on Self Serv ATMs


HELGA (High End LCD Graphics Adaptor) - Digital Driver PCB for some LCD monitors

Hood - Lid or top cabinet door which lifts/opens for access to EOP and printers etc

I2C (Interface to cassettes) - Bus that connects the pick modules to the dispenser control board


IAD - Independent ATM Deployers

I.E. (Improved Electronics) - Term used for a particular generation of dispensers

IMCRW - Integrated Motorised Card Reader Writer. More modern version of SCRW


Jitter - An anti-fraud measure programmed into the card reader

Journal Printer - Module that records all transactions for later reference by the ATM operator


LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) - Sensor that dims the monitor in low ambient light conditions

Leased line - A permanent communication connection to the host

LISA - Serial Adaptor PCB in a Pivat to give access to the SSPAs serial ports 3 and 4

Lobby - Type of ATM that is freestanding indoors

Logo Panel - Fluorescent light cover bearing an operator's name/logo

LVDT  (Linear Variable Differential Transducer) - Device that ensures that only one note is dispensed at a time


MEI (Media Entry Indicator) - Flashing green light that prompts the user for card input, cash output etc

Misc. I/F (Miscellaneous Interface PCB) - Board which controls various functions including MEIs and Fluorescent tubes

Modem - Type of communications device which uses an ordinary telephone line to dial the host

Mode Switch - Switch for toggling between Supervisor mode and Normal Mode

MTBF - Mean time between failures


Non-surcharging ATMs - ATMs that do not charge a fee for withdrawing cash

Normal Mode - Mode in which the ATM is in service and available for customer use

NTS (Note Thickness Sensor) - Later version of LVDT for ensuring a single note at a time is picked

NVRAM (Non Volatile Random Access Memory) - Area of PC where configuration is held permanently by battery


Opacity - Older method of detecting double notes by shining a light through the note

Outdoor Pods - Weatherproof housings for remote ATMs


PCB - Printed Circuit Board. Term for any electronic circuit board with components fitted

PC Core - Computer in the ATM that runs the software and controls the modules

PELE 2 (Pentium Entry Level Electronics 2) - ATM PC core motherboard, supported Pentium 3 up to 1 GHZ processor

Personas - Generation of NCR ATMs

Pick Module - Module that picks notes from the cassette and moves them to the presenter

PIRAT - Power good Reset and Tamper PCB in Talladega cores

PIVAT - ATM PC core motherboard that superseded  PELE 2

PM - Preventative Maintenance

Presenter - Module (part of the dispenser) that presents cash to the customer

PSU (Power Supply Unit) - Module that converts mains electricity into the DC voltages required by all the ATM modules

Purge Bin - Container that stores rejected cash notes from the dispenser


R/A (Rear Access) - Lobby ATM which is serviced from the back

Raminator - Anti-ramming device for ATMs that works by absorbing and deflecting the force exerted during an ATM ram raid

RAT (Reset and Tamper) - PCB in Pivat cores

Receipt Printer - Module that issues a transaction receipt to the customer

Remote ATM - ATM that is not sited in a bank. Locations would include petrol stations, convenience stores


SCIF (Smart Card Interface PCB) - Interfaces the chipstation to the SCRW

SCRW (Smart Card Reader Writer) - Module that reads and writes data to the customer card

SDC (Serial Data Communications) - The main data communications connecting the modules in an ATM

Secure Disposal - Highly secure and tracked method of destroying hard drives and EPPs as offered by TestLink

SelfServ - Latest family of NCR ATMs

Shutter - Door mechanism that prevents customers tampering with modules. This opens to let the customer have authorised access to modules (such as the card reader or cash presenter)

Singularity - Measurement method of determining thickness of notes for double detection

Skimming - Fitting fraudulent devices to ATMs in order to clone customers' cards

SLM (Second Line Maintenance) - Full repair service for the ATM including parts replacement

SOH (State of Health) - Display on the operator display which lists any faults or low media

SSPA/B (Self Service Personality Adaptor/Board) - Adds SDC capability to PC cores without it built in

Statement Printer - Printer that produces A4-sized statements to the customers

Sunlight Viewable - High brightness LCD monitor

Supervisor Mode - Mode in which ATM is serviced - not in use for the customer

Surcharging ATMs - ATMs that charge a fee for withdrawing cash


Talladega - ATM PC core motherboard - superseded PIVAT board

TCPIP Communications - Communications protocol (Internet communication)

Triple DES - 64-bit encryption system

TTW (Through the Wall) - An ATM that is fitted through a hole in the wall


Vacuum - Method used to pick notes from cassettes during dispensing

Vestibule - A lobby ATM that is fitted through an internal wall with a collar kit sealing the hole


WEEE - The Waste Electrical & Electronic Directive