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Cassettes For Sale

We stock and supply a wide range of both new and refurbished cassettes, including the latest models and legacy equipment. We can supply;

If you have multiple brands and models within your estate, you’ll find all of the expertise required in one place, TestLink.

Cassette configuration

Save time and buy your cassettes pre-configured and ready to use. We can expertly configure cassettes to your specific requirements. We use controlled configuration processes with rigorous inspection and testing to provide you with quality that you can depend on, 100% of the time. 

We are so confident in the reliability of our configuration service that we’ll guarantee it. You can purchase configured cassettes with a liability warranty, giving you complete piece of mind. If an error is found then TestLink would cover the penalty costs incurred. 


Cassette Repair Service

From our impressive repair facilities in the USA and Europe we provide our ATM Cassette repair expertise across the globe. Wherever you are in the world you can enjoy the benefits of our 30 years of industry experience. 

Our repair service is specifically designed to improve your ATM network performance and reduce your operational costs.

How do we do that? By ensuring all of our customers receive…

More Than Just A Repair

In order to help you maintain your estate at maximum efficiency we do more than simply replace a faulty component.
Every cassette that comes to us for repair undergoes an intensive remanufacturing process. This way we identify not only the failed component but any other components that are showing advanced signs of wear.

Our repair processes have been continually developed to maximise reliability and drive down costs. Every cassette we repair is stripped down, inspected and undergoes preventative maintenance.

We believe by identifying and replacing components before they fail, we maximise the performance of your estate by increasing ATM uptime and reduce your costs.

One Service For All Of Your Cassettes

Our expertly trained ATM Repair Technicians are able to repair and refurbish cassettes across all of the major ATM manufacturers, including;
• Hyosung
• Triton
• Diebold
• Wincor
If you have multiple brands and models within your estate you’ll find all of the expertise required in one place, TestLink.

Maximum Inventory Value

We are committed to delivering value. This is why on average we only wrote off 0.05% of all parts that come to us for repair as beyond economical repair.

It takes a lot for our Engineers and Technicians to give up on your ATM cassettes.

Total Transparency

For your piece of mind and convenience you are able to track the progress of your repair. We have developed a web based portal that allows you to track all of your parts in repair.

At the press of a button, you can access a comprehensive set of reports that can be exported as either an Excel document or PDF file.

A Quick Turnaround

Our average turnaround time is an impressive 3-5 days. We fully understand the importance of having your ATMs fully functional and transacting at all times. 

Our short lead times are ideal if want a quick and efficient way to add additional capacity to your own inhouse repair function, or you need to repair technology that you don’t yet have an established skillset for. 

We also offer a rapid 1-day repair service. You get the same great value and quality and receive your working cassette within 24 hours. Read more about our Advance Exchange Service here.


Cassette Testers

An incorrectly configured cash cassette can result in an ATM dispensing more cash than it’s supposed to. Aside from the public embarrassment, it’s a costly mistake that shatters confidence in your network.

Although misconfiguring a cassette is easily done, it doesn’t take many mistakes of this kind for networks to shrink and customer confidence to fall.

This is why we developed the S1 and S2 NCR Cassette Testers.

Built in house by our UK engineering team, both the S1 and S2 NCR cassette tester works with multiple cassette types, and is already used by many cash-in-transit and service organisations to help prevent costly configuration errors and mitigate the cost of defective cassettes.

Instant Configuration Display

Testing the configuration of an NCR cassette can be time consuming, requiring the engineer to take the time to insert each cassette into the ATM to check the configuration against its label.

The NCR Cassette Tester negates this difficulty by allowing your engineers to view the configuration instantly, simply by inserting the cassette into the test device and reading the LED indicator light that corresponds to its configuration.

Cash Low Tester

Moving the cash low sensor manually while the cassette is in the NCR Cassette Tester, the engineer is also able to quickly verify the cash low sensor at the back of the cassette is working correctly.

Faulty Shutter Detection

A fault with the shutter at the back of an NCR cassette can be difficult to detect, as the shutter can appear to work when not in the ATM, and then freeze once inserted into the ATM. The NCR Cassette Tester has an angled mirror at the back, which allows the engineer to instantly view the shutter in action and check its operation.

Easy to Use

Our NCR Cassette testers are easy to use meaning you can test large batches of cassette efficiently. They are compact and portable, no dditional equipment, software or installation is required.

You can watch our NCR S2 Cassette Tester in action in the video below...

To enquire about our NCR Cassette Testers complete the form to the right, or call us today.


Cassette Consumables

View our NCR S2 and S1 Cash Out Cassette and Parts Catalogues below. 

Featuring a comprehensive break down of all the parts you could need for both field service and workshop repairs. Our catalogue includes useful photo illustrations and full list of part numbers for your convenience. 


Order online now at our ATM Parts Website or if you would like more information about our parts supply service, get in touch today.