Our UK based storage centre has been helping many well-known banks and IADs safely store their sensitive equipment since 2004.

Our Blandford (UK) site has capacity for 2,500 ATMs, and holds over $7M of inventory

Safety and Security

Due to their sensitive nature, ATMs and ATM parts need to be kept in a secure location and away from any security risks. Our storage facility has the following security measures in place:

Engineering Capability

We understand that many of the ATMs and ATM parts that are kept in storage may also require upgrades, refurbishment or even secure disposal. We keep a team of experienced ATM technicians on site so that they can handle your requirements without delay.

Storage Options

Our warehouse has over 25,500sq feet of storage space, and can hold up to 2,500 ATMs and pallets. There are a variety of storage options available, and equipment can be stored on a short or long term basis. Our on-site logistics team are also able to move and dispatch any of your equipment to wherever in the world it’s needed at a moment's notice.