Ram raid attacks are amongst the most common methods criminals employ to access the safes stored in most ATMs. By either towing away or driving into an ATM, criminals aim to sheer the bolts that hold down the ATM. Once removed, the ATM is then often taken to a hidden location where the safe can be broken into and the contents removed.

The Raminator is a tool for preventing ram raid attacks. By using a specially manufactured mounting plate, it can absorb the force of a sustained attack, be it from a car, 4x4 or even a construction vehicle such as a digger or tractor. 

Raminators can be pre-fit or retro-fit onto ATMs from most manufacturers, with separate models available for lobby, TCR and TTW ATMs. All Raminators come with an installation kit which makes it easy to secure the ATM to the side, rear or floor.

Awards and Recognition

The Raminator has been voted as the Best New Security Product 2007 by ASIAL (The Australia Security Industry Association Ltd), and International Most Innovative Product by ATMIA (ATM Industry Association)