TestLink Launch New NCR S2 Cassette Tester



We've used our decades of ATM Industry experience, testing thousands of cassettes every month, to expertly design a Cassette Tester that efficiently produces a reliable result every time!

Are you currently testing your cassettes to ensure you avoid costly misconfiguration errors? Are you doing this using an ATM or cut-down version? Sure, you can test that way, but it’s awkward, its not efficient and its very susceptible to human error and so not as effective as you need it to be.

You can avoid the risk hefty fines and reputational damage, with thorough and effective testing, by using TestLink’s S2 Cassette Tester.

It has a compact space saving design, so can be incorporated into your existing cash cassette return procedure and it's easy and simple to use. See our video below for a full demonstration of how efficiently you could thoroughly test large batches of NCR S2 ATM cash cassettes.

With TestLink’s S2 Cassette Tester you;

  • Never miss a failed cassette with flashing LEDs and a very audible alarm
  • Can effectively test the note low operation
  • Can test up to 12 different cassette types
  • Save room, as ATMs and test rigs have much larger footprints
  • Are portable as no software or additional equipment is needed and it is mains powered

Contact Us now for more information about our range of Cassette Testers, and other services such as Cash Cassette Repair or Replace.