Faulty ATM Parts - Repair or Replace?



You need your ATMs operating at optimum levels of uptime, so when an ATM becomes faulty what do you do? At TestLink, our aim is to maximise the life and availability of ATMs, and their parts! That’s why our approach is very much repair repair repair. Here are the top two reasons for why that should be your approach too.

Reason to Repair One - Save Money

It’s the cost-effective option. Sending your faulty part to TestLink for a professional repair greatly reduces your costs in comparison to replacing the part. For example, using TestLink’s ATM parts repair service to repair a faulty S2 Presenter would save you at least 80% compared to buying a new one.  

Reason to Repair Two - Increase reliability

You may be surprised to hear that, thanks to over 30 years of industry experience we’ve developed some pretty nifty ways to not only repair a faulty part, but refurbish it to a level where it is more reliable than it was when it was new. Our ATM Technicians will identify not only the failed component but any other components that are showing advanced signs of wear, and we also perform preventative maintenance on components we know have high rates of failure. Read more about our repair processes here.

Rapid 1-day service

We know how important it is to have your ATMs up and transacting at all times and choosing a repair over a replacement does not mean delays. We have impressively short lead times, the average turnaround time for an ATM part repair is 3-5 days. In addition to that when using our advance exchange service, you can receive your ATM part within 24 hours. For more information about how you can achieve great savings and get parts fast, click here, and take a look at our infographic below.


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Cost effective and reliable ATM parts repair is just one piece of the puzzle, speak to one of our experts today to find out how our effective inventory management, advanced exchange and reliable parts supply can enable you to run a profitable and efficient ATM estate.