TestLink launches new and improved parts website


TestLink, one of the world’s leading independent ATM organisations, stocks and distributes an extensive collection of parts for use in NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs.

Our updated parts website has been redesigned to provide customers with a far more convenient and intuitive experience, allowing you to quickly and easily find the part for your needs.

The parts library is open to all TestLink customers with just a simple initial registration required. From here you can browse a catalogue of over 22,000 parts including gears, belts, pc cores, cassettes, power supplies and many more parts for use in ATM maintenance and repair work.

Our large international network of suppliers helps us maintain a diverse range of regularly replenished components and, with over $7 million worth of parts at any one time, you can always rely on TestLink.

What separates TestLink from other companies is the exceptional quality of the components stored within our vast warehouses. 

We pride ourselves on only stocking parts of the highest quality, not only does this represent the values of our business, it also ensures your engineers’ performance will not be restricted by the standard of the components they are equipped with.

This ultimately allows your business to provide customers with a far superior level of service than would otherwise be achievable through incorporating cheaper or “budget” parts from other suppliers.

Additionally, for customers who require further information on our ATM parts, the “Ask Martin” feature of the website allows you to quickly contact a member of the TestLink team who will use their technical expertise to solve any issues or queries you may have.

Furthermore, we have also compiled an FAQ section with answers to commonly asked questions regarding use of the website, warranty, tax, delivery and other topics to pre-empt any queries or issues you may have regarding your purchase.

There are also PDF guides and diagrams available for NCR & Wincor ATMs which include a list of compatible parts and their corresponding part number. This part number can be entered into the website’s filter menu which will take you directly to the individual part’s page and help avoid spending unnecessary time searching.

TestLink are so confident of the premium quality parts provided to customers that we have implemented a 90 day, “no quibble” guarantee for all purchases made. This ensures all customers are provided with a full refund in the unlikely event our parts do not satisfy their requirements.

TestLink have been helping ATM maintenance organisations reduce costs and increase profit for over 25 years.

To visit the new Parts site please click here