The challenge of sourcing rare parts

 13th Sep 2016

Spare parts for new models of ATMs can be particularly hard to source. 

This can pose a problem for service organisations in need of these parts.  The parts become expensive and the lead times can range massively.  This puts pressure on those running estates of ATMs that have taken on new ATMs as well as repair centres and engineers. 

For companies required to maintain a newer estate, it needs to fulfil parts requirements to ensure ATMs’ functionality and uptime are not compromised.  This is particularly important once the ATM falls outside the warranty period.

Hard to source parts are not an exclusive issue to owners of new ATMs alone.  Of course, as ATMs get older it can become increasingly harder to source ATM parts.

Common Problems

One common issue many ISOs (Independent Service Organisations) encounter when trying to source rare parts is the lack of transparency on lead times.

Some parts suppliers may take an order for a rare part and quote a standard lead time for its delivery.  While this may not have been a deliberate ploy to win the business the effect on the service organisation and their SLAs is painful. 

The ISO finds service lead times are forced to extend as engineers are unable to complete essential maintenance and repair work without the correct part.

ISOs can be forced to invest more than budgeted to pay for services to expedite their deliveries more quickly in a bid to help customer deliver uptimes detailed in SLAs.

Doing so harms cash flow and puts pressure on profit margins, becoming a significant problem if lead time issues persist.

The organisation is penalised for downtime, Engineer routes are disrupted and another supplier is likely to have to be found. 

It is much more beneficial to have had the real lead time up front to aid managing expectations and plan a contingency accordingly.

TestLink’s Part Supply Service

TestLink understands that sourcing rare parts can be challenging.  As such, we ensure that we keep stock of old and new models of ATMs so that parts can be recovered. 

For example, if a sensor was required and it was housed within a deposit module we would strip the GBNA (Global Bunch Note Acceptor) to gain access to the sensor.  We do this because we understand how difficult sourcing can be.  We also value the relationships we have with our customers and will do this even if it doesn’t make economic sense for us.

Our in-house experts will also remanufacture parts, such as collar parts, in order to fulfil the part requirement.

We provide you with accurate information regarding the availability of our parts and their expected delivery times in order to avoid undue complications with your contracts.  It is important that if there is an issue with any part or delivery that you are advised at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, our 90 day ‘no quibble’ guarantee ensures you are able to receive a full refund in the unlikely events our parts to not satisfy your requirements. 

If you have experienced the problems with acquiring hard to source parts for your ATMs, contact a member of the TestLink team to find out how we can help you.

Our dedicated team of sales, engineering and technical support specialists are on hand to answer any questions you have regarding our parts supply and are always happy to help.

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