The NCR 5886 (NCR P86/NCR Personas 86) is a robust and reliable ATM. Its flexible expansion options mean it is easy to upgrade to keep up with technological developments, extending its operational lifespan even further.

Customers who take advantage of TestLink's world class remanufacture process can save themselves up to 70% off the price of a new NCR 5886 ATM.


TestLink offer the NCR 5886 either refurbished or remanufactured.


1257 x 815 x 1299.5mm


835kg (Please note this is a typical weight. Actual weight will be dependent on safe type and configuration)

Power Supply

90-136 V~/ 180-264 V~, 50-60Hz

Temperature Range

+10˚C to +40˚C

Cash Cassettes

2 - 4 cash cassettes - 2,000 notes per cassette

Used at

 The NCR 5886 ATM is popular with banks and supermarkets.

Marketing Features

The illuminated logo panel can be used for advertising

  Standard Options
Chassis Colour NCR Standard Colours Any Colour
Fascia Colour NCR Standard Colours Any Colour
Safe UL291 Thin Door -
Safe Lock Upper La Guard Keylock  Any ATM Lock
Safe Lock Lower La Guard Keylock Any ATM Lock
Monitor 12.1" CRT 12.1" LCD
Keyboard EPP EPP 3 DES
Reciept Printer Thermal -
Journal Printer Electronic Journal Thermal or Dot Matrix
Card Reader SCRW IMCRW
Depository Not Fitted Envelope
Depository Bin Open Latch Fast
Dispenser 4 High -
Cassettes None 4
Core Pele2 PIVAT
Memory 512MB 1GB
Processor 1GHz 2.8GHz
Hard Drive 80GB -
Software None As Requested
Comms Card On Board Ethernet Any
Operator Panel EOP -
Collar Kit CAE Standard or Advert



The alternatives for the NCR 5886 are the NCR 5884, NCR 5887 and Wincor 2050.