Having the right part in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost is the goal of any maintenance organization. Thanks to the constant development of our inventory system and our 25 years of ATM parts supply and repair experience, we are able to use our outsourced parts management service (also known as Vendor Managed Inventory) to help you to increase your service levels while simultaneously reducing the inventory costs that are normally associated with the ATM maintenance business.

Our distributions hubs hold over $7M of NCR, Wincor and Diebold parts

Reducing The Parts Cycle

The faster parts move round the inventory cycle the less overall inventory needs to be held, therefore it's critical that systems are in place to track the parts through this cycle. In our experience, the parts cycle time can be significantly reduced by focusing on reducing Repair Turn-Around-Times (TAT) and driving back engineer defective items.

Optimal Inventory Procurement

Our inventory management system has been specifically designed to manage ATM parts inventories, and already controls tens of thousands of NCR, Wincor and Diebold parts.

By compiling a forecast that’s based on demand by part number, that also takes into account historical information, seasonal variances and substitutions, we are able to calculate the optimum level of inventory to hold. Once calculated, our experienced purchasing teams are able to use their thorough knowledge and understanding of the global ATM supply chain to make sure they purchase quality parts at the best price.

Our advanced logistics network is able to move parts around the world, at low cost and with short lead times

Dynamic Logistics

Thanks to our advanced logistics network and distribution hubs in North America and Europe, we are able to offer cost effective transit solutions that ensure the correct parts are sent to and from your engineers.

Disposing of Excess Inventory

As ATM estates migrate to newer devices, demand for older parts will naturally decline. The secret to successfully disposing of excess inventory is to get the timing right, making sure that excess inventory is disposed of as soon as its demand starts to decline and before the market is flooded with other sellers.

TestLink’s inventory system allows the user to see these trends in demand and alert the inventory planners. Thanks to the wide range of ATM services we provide, we have access to a variety of channels through which we can dispose of excess inventory and ensure the best price is achieved.

Vendor Owned Inventory

For customers who need the utmost flexibility with their inventory management, TestLink are able to offer a Vendor Owned Inventory (VOI) service, allowing you to outsource the ownership of your inventory to us as well as its management.

This innovative approach to ATM inventory allows you to clear excess inventory and minimize the risk exposure of taking on additional inventory, all while making sure your maintenance operation can increase service levels and instantly respond to any fluctuation in demand.