5 Benefits of ATMdesk for NCR ATM Diagnostics

 20th Sep 2016

Analysing ATMs on a regular basis allows you to ensure your estate is in full working order and free of any errors which may cause further damage as well as affect its uptime.

It is important to review both the mechanical components and the status of the internal software systems in order to ascertain whether any maintenance or repair work is required.

ATMdesk is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool which allows for comprehensive analysis of ATMs in a time efficient manner.

Here are 5 benefits to using ATMdesk for your estate:

1. Simplicity

ATMdesk is an incredibly intuitive tool, requiring minimal training to use due to its simplistic design and the incorporation of a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Displayed on either the front or rear screen and operable by buttons or touch (dependent on the model), ATMdesk is easy to install and start using.

Its boot disk format also makes it much quicker to initialise compared with loading software from the internal disk drive.

2. Efficiency

In-depth reports can be printed direct from the screen which provides engineers with instant data feedback on the machine’s condition and removes the need for information to be manually written.

Furthermore, ATMdesk automatically converts the proprietary NCR status keys into a readable error code which reduces the time required for diagnosis as well as removing the possibility of errors occurring.

3. Security

Because ATMdesk is loaded from an external boot drive and not the disk found in the ATM’s PC core, the diagnosis procedure is far more secure.

This is the result of no additional software remaining in the PC core after diagnosis has been completed and the fact that no changes need to be made to existing software in preparation for the procedure.

4. Flexible and efficient pricing

Extensive implementation of any new software can incur a substantial cost (especially for larger organisations), however, the flexible pricing of ATMdesk makes it an incredibly cost efficient tool to use.

Licensing is available in two formats: ‘time-limited’ and ‘per boot’, both of which are available in a structure which ensures users never pay for more than they need.

5. Free updates

As part of every ATMdesk licence, users are also provided with frequent updates which are free for life. This enables the tool’s performance to be continuously improved over time as well as for bugs and other errors to be fixed as they become apparent.

Additional features are also added in these updates which help to further improve the software’s diagnostic capabilities.

ATMdesk is a powerful software package which allows for efficient diagnosis of all NCR Persona and Selfserv ATMs.

Hundreds of IADs (Independent ATM Deployers) and ISOs (Independent Service Organisations) around the world are already using this software to their advantage due to its intuitive, secure design, flexible pricing and ease of operation.

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